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2012-12-01 08:37:10 by Ryan

This week everyone's favorite user Jay has started up his Let's Play series and I am his first guest on the classic game created by Blizzard: Diablo! ( I even made a special Youtube background just for the occasion)

Here's a clip of Jay and me from it.

Some other titles he's started playing are games many of you may recognize from Newgrounds, such as Russian Boxer!, Story of the Blanks, Stone Legs and his debut Let's Play of Abobo's Big Adventure. We've even had a new special guest (everyone's favorite) Gagsy for the duration of our Let's Play of Board Game Online. Be sure to check it out!

Be sure to check out his channel below and show him some love!

Jay Plays channel

Watch Part 1 of Abobo

Watch Part 1 of Diablo

Watch Part 1 of Russian Boxer

Watch Story of the Blanks

Watch Stone Legs

Watch Board Game Online



I have finally found my true calling in life!

2012-11-14 17:29:20 by Ryan

Making movie scene parodies...but with cats!


...well, not really.

Also, I've been playing too much Skyrim as of recent.

...and RIP Jamoke for the eighth time~ (he would be proud)

I have finally found my true calling in life!


2012-11-02 20:52:55 by Ryan

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l4ooX0ZZlk&featu re=g-u-u

Just in time to be late for Halloween, that mad genius~

Happy delayed Halloween because I was busy doing other shit everyone!

Now put this on loop


New Voice Acting Submission

2012-09-26 20:23:06 by Ryan

My first real go at a semi-official voice acting demo, albeit done with very specific sound editing for this purpose. Mostly just did this for fun and it turned out to be a large project that took a few weeks to finish. Anyways, if you like anything Warhammer then I'm sure you'll jizz in your mom's panties it's so good!



'The Drawing Grounds'

2012-09-05 15:52:25 by Ryan


...curse you Random button...

'The Drawing Grounds'

I moved~

2012-08-13 21:57:57 by Ryan

Barely an hour or so away from Chicago depending on traffic. Still have some shit in storage I've yet to bring here, namely my old computer desk.

Been busy. Only had internet connection from phone until tonight. Beenreal busy.

Had a few random temp jobs. Work as a mover being the most hard yet rewarding one.

Talked to a recruiter. Did most of my paperwork pre MEPS thanks to having already done a lot of it a couple years ago when I first joined the Army. Going to MEPS this weekend probably for my physical. So super busy~

So how are you guys lol


2012-07-16 09:15:37 by Ryan

News news news news...news~

I play Minecraft on the 360 now? I mean, for the past few weeks anyways. Minion and I are boyfriends.

List of heroes: Stamper, Jamoke, Daniel Tosh, Max Gilardi, Mr. Clean etc.

Also job search is still gay and I can't stop uploading retarded videos on my channel.

NYC Meet Rundown (Day 0)

2012-05-09 10:04:16 by Ryan

Day 0 (oh hey look at me I'm bein' a coop)

Stayed up all night hopped up on AMP and good vibes. Feelin' fine~

Cut my nose while shaving due to so much AMP and lack of sleep. Fuck life~

Take blue line train, get to airport, get lost, wander around, finally give up and crawl into a ball and cry, black dude hooks me up with my check in area, 'Twenty five bucks just to check one bag!? fuck you!', check my bag, go through security area which was not so bad, look for a snack due to lack of eating caused by recent food poisoning that I got on Monday last week but I'll get to that later, get snack, 'Almost ten bucks for a coke and some M&M's!? Fuck you!', buy it anyways and then I guess I waited for my plane or something.

After taking my flight it was pretty easy from then on. Took airtrain and then the regular train from airport and found Gory waiting for me at the top of the stairs. Apparently he was waiting for Techno as he was on the same train as me but he's a momdoof and we both literally had to track him down. All I can say is, if Techno ever got lost in the woods and was told to stay put...he would be dead within the hour by um...bears or something~

He's pretty cute though :3

Then me Gorles and Zachypoof leave the dungeon esque NYC underground and enter the bright of day. With a bit of walking and my bag being retarded huge and annoying to carry we soon met up with more fags (Dave, Joe and Justin Bieber (AKA Tystarr)) and then we entered the bar area to find Dannyjay and my boyfriend dickberns and the mean lady who stole him from me, Mary (she likes candy). Hugs were had for all.

Unfortunately Techno and Gorles had to split as most of us had shit to drop off at Daves. We then navigated the tunnels lead by dear Dave who kept molesters at bay with his own demonic rapeface, thank god for that, and arrived at his love palace. There we found sweet little Shinobi (Dave's italian greyhound) and his two n****rcats. We then dropped our bags and attacked the city with our faggotism.

With a little traveling our first real stop and destination was of course the Karaoke bar. Much singing, dancing, and all around good times were had. There's no way I could possibly remember everyone's name of who I met that first night, but to sum up the super COOL people:

Luis (again, he super likes ponies btw)
Mike (he is the best dancing stripper ever)
Grub (he's gay)

and so many others, which you know who you are you fruits.

My most favoritest parts were easily when me and Techno sang a duet of Don't Stop Me Now by Queen (was ballin' yo) and when nearly half the karaoke group got together to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

The best ear rape ever

Eventually we had to leave the Karaoke place as thems asians are super lame. Once everyone was outside the group was immense, easily 30+ people. After walking however we slowly started to break off into smaller groups. My group went off to a hookah bar which was later joined in by super cool guys Tom and Mike (omg kawaii). So yeah, weez the coolest group to chill with obviously.

After some time spent there we headed off back to Daves where we would all spend the night. First nights group was (if I recall correctly):

Justin Bieber
and me.

While Merc and Mary spent their night busily bangin' and Joe pretty much instantly fell asleep as soon as he arrived the rest of us joined the internets and looked to find underaged boobs. Yep, that's exactly what we did.

...and we got them.

To be continued~

EDIT: to never be continued due to lazy~

NYC Meet Rundown (Day 0)

I ate an MRE

2012-04-19 16:17:38 by Ryan

and it was everything I remembered it being. (this one was awful)

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/3a317af0b41c 34455b9799cc9446c00a

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/1e66a775063b 5009f7e6a137c346ab6b

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/8cdc6e7a71d4 ae3c3baa0851b5009714

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/0f06e77632af c0e7f610111fb42b2787

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/4d98f594f844 fb0b1c3b9ba7bc4bb691

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/121c66e8af55 91f1a47fde0d31c1960d

Please discuss. wot wot

I ate an MRE

MST3K Night

2012-03-31 13:40:26 by Ryan

This is my new thing, or for at least a little while.

I'll be on to stream every other night around 8 PM Newgrounds time. Maybe later if certain complications arise, like life.

Also Hamdingers~

MST3K Night