Pico Day happened + other shit

2014-05-24 03:27:28 by Ryan

So yeah Pico Day was like a month ago and that was awesome. Camping at our little Camp Dick should happen again this year too. Perhaps an annual event with pals? Yus.

Sad to say I don't really contribute or even visit Newgrounds much anymore but I'm sure I have valid reasons. Full time work mostly and moving recently were big contributers. Either way, I've been moving forward with real life projects big and small this and last year and with them out of the way I can get back to hobbies such as writing and horrible voice acting. Maybe even collab n' shit.

Here's a sweet picture that really captures the Pico Day 2014 shenanigans, i'm barely in it. RIP NG Office :(



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2014-05-24 17:18:37

I enjoy looking at pictures of Tim and wondering how long it was until he yelled at someone after the snapshot was taken.


2014-05-30 04:36:35

Its about summer time. You have a hot pussy >;)

Ryan responds:

Why yes my parents did just get a kitten.


2014-06-12 11:30:56

who's the hot bear on the left